Expand the Trust Level Between Virtual Team Members

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Virtual teams are now proliferating in many corporations. Attend this webinar to learn how to make your virtual team the absolute envy of managers throughout the company. This session is packed with invaluable technology tips, leadership know how, along with the secrets to many a successful virtual meetings. You will also learn how to get buy-in on objectives, with commitment to deadlines, and also earn the discretionary effort of team members. Even if the remote team is located on different floors of your building, this content definitely works!

<strong>Virtual Teams and Exceptional Performance</strong>
<p>The session provides you with critical information on how to get highly skilled professionals working remotely in order to produce exceptional results. You’ll gain invaluable insights on how to:</p>
<li>Obtain the highest levels of productivity</li>
<li>Do the tasks to meet stated objectives</li>
<li>Closing of projects on time and under budget</li>
<li>Expanding the trust level between members</li>
<li>Implementing innovative technologies that enhance collaboration</li>
<li>Usage of your energy level to keep the team moving forward</li>
<li>Involving the team members in authentic communications and

<strong>Get Tips on software and tools that help in facilitating collaboration and productivity</strong><p>
<li>Get technology tricks from Microsoft Outlook including voting buttons and assigning tasks</li>
<li>About social media sites intended for virtual team collaboration that provide private conversations about project challenges</li>

<li>Various social styles and the impact on choosing workers for virtual teams – complimentary assessment is included</li>
The systems to set up metrics and measurements for reporting on completed tasks and assignments</li>
<li>And short morning meetings that give valuable feedback to team members on their tasks</li>
For more information, visit <a href="http://www.audiosolutionz.com/1024-conference-virtual-teams-and-exceptional-performance.php">http://www.audiosolutionz.com/1024-conference-virtual-teams-and-exceptional-performance.php</a>
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