Frantzen believes his new proprietary business exit strategy is the ultimate cure for a business exit system that is fundamentally broken.
"We have a five phase process that guarantees that sellers never have to get ripped off by business brokers, many of whom have zero experience owning a business.  The traditional way of selling meant that sellers had a less than 3% chance of ever selling their business, even after paying lots of money to a business broker.  Our method is radically different.  We are looking for a 95% success rate and we won't stop until we achieve this."
Frantzen and his partner Patrick McDonald spent hours analyzing deals, trying different methodologies, and making mistakes, before they hit upon the Delta Solution, a solution that has already been tested and proven effective.  Frantzen and McDonald believe so much in this new kind of business exit strategy that they also designed a guarantee that eliminates all risk to the seller.
"Our guarantee is backed by real assets," says Frantzen.  "It's unlike anything you have ever seen.  With it, we manage to eliminate the biggest factor in a seller rejecting more creative ways to sell their business, namely risk.  There is a lot of fear of risk with these deals.  Delta Business Service's iron clad guarantee eliminates that risk."
Frantzen and McDonald feel that the Delta Solution is the ultimate answer to the poor track record  that plagues business selling in the United States. 
"We have a system that will allow successful business owners to exit their companies with grace and dignity, with the business intact, and with more money in their pockets.  With the Delta Solution, you will be able to sell your business in less time, for more money, and pay fewer taxes.  It's a win for both buyers and sellers." 
Delta Business Services offers free reports, videos, and a one-on-one consultation for successful business owners in the United States who want to sell their businesses and enjoy the rest of their lives.  You can contact Heath for more information at
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