Windham NH, MAY 22, 2014 — CET Technology (, makers of standard and custom transformers, believes it’s imperative to under stand the operation of current sense transformers and switching transformers in order to promote their efficient use.

Current Sense Transformers
Current sense transformers are basically a standard transformer but the primary is placed in series with a conductor that carries AC current. The secondary is normally terminated in a resistance and the secondary voltage is proportional to the primary current. Current sense transformers are often used to produce voltage that accurately tracks the AC current in the primary. This is called a linear transformer. In the non-linear type, there is a large change in output for a significant change in input. This change is often used to trigger a logic device or fault circuit.

Switching Transformers
Switching transformers are used in switching mode power supplies (SMPS). In an SMPS, switching transformers are much smaller compared to transformers in linear power supplies. Linear transformers regulate output voltage via excess heat, and are not efficient compared to switching transformers. Typical linear transformers have an efficiency of 30% to 40%. Switching transformers have an efficiency of 60% to 70%.

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