In an unprecedented display of customer orientation and commonality of purpose, fourteen Mumbai based vendors of construction and Interiors segments have come together to offer an integrated, single-window sourcing of products and services. They call this as ‘Power of One’. This was presented to a visibly amazed gathering of nearly 100 high-profile builders, contractors and architects. The vendors included suppliers of marble, tiles, lights, switches, playground equipment, fire safety solutions, kitchens & furniture, air-conditioning , security equipment, steel manufacturer, interior designer, laminates, doors and portable cabins. The group also includes a non-profit organisation in the field of providing shelter for the poor. Commenting on the unique model, Mr Rohin Ramchandani said, “The basic tenet of the model is our mutual trust on each other. All of us become a kind of service-guarantee to each other for our customers. We are aware that we need to deliver our best because of the peer pressure that we have invited upon ourselves. For our customers, this will assure quality of products, timely delivery and competitive pricing.” Mr. Ramchandani further elaborated that, “We are not a cartel nor do we want anybody to treat us as one. We are a group of business owners who cater to similar client base and who have come together to pool in our talents, experience and expertise to provide a bouquet of services to our clients – be they builders, architects, contractors or end cosumers. They may use the services of any or all as we ensure them solutions of the highest standards. Our endeavour is to help each other find business opportunities and also save our clients the effort of searching all over for products and service providers in allied fields.” This group, calling themselves the Property Power Team, are a part of the Odyssey chapter of the international Business Network International (BNI) group that operates out of 55 countries and boasts of a membership of over 170,000 small business owners. Senior architects Mr. Alhad Raje, Mr. Shaheen Mistry and Mr. Vinay Patil were equivocal in their opinion, “This is a fantastic idea and we look forward to work with most of the team.This team of vendors solves the problem of vendors’ credibility, quality and customer service to architects, contractors and most in the fraternity”. Senior decision makers from S Raheja, Lokhandwala Construction, Kalpataru Ltd, Raunak Group, Ajmera and Mayfair also seem to have liked the concept.
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