Comic book reader app makes reading online comics extra fun

An interactive and flexible app Comic books appeal to a wide range of readers regardless of their age. These are books that will remain to be the favorite for many more years to come. A huge shift however, has been towards accessing electronic versions of popular comics like Archie, Superman etc. These comics are now available on the internet but, without the right reader, the reader has to jump through hoops to get his favorite content. With the new Comic book reader it is as easy as it gets.

What this app does is create the whole comic reading experience in the palm of the reader. Using any smart device that supports a Windows operating platform, hundreds of comic books can be accessed online. The reader adds to the element of fun of reading a comic by letting the user alter the size of the images, font etc. Based on how the reader likes his content, he can go ahead and change the settings to create an engaging comic reading experience.

The Comic book reader app is not like a regular E-reader app where the user has to go through many steps to get to his content. The interface has all the customization options that the user can utilize in order to create the most enjoyable reading experience.

About the Comic book reader app:

The new reader is EBook software that is highly recommended given the ease of reading it provides. It is suitable for all those who want to enjoy comics online but don’t want to go through any complicated installation process. The app is simple to install and can be used on a variety of devices. To know more about it and download it for free, log onto

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