Caterease Features Help Caterers and Event Planners Improve Services and Expand Marketing

New features have been added to Caterease, a program designed to systematize and simplify the management of various businesses in the hospitality industry.
New features have been added to Caterease software, a program designed to systematize and simplify the management of various businesses in the hospitality industry. This software was first developed as a DOS program by Horizon Business Services, Inc. In the early 1990s - primarily as a response to the needs of local catering operations who provided valuable input to the design of this software's first edition. The program has come a long way since then. Today it is used by restaurants, individual caterers, hotels, and conference centers for a wide variety of tasks such as setting up customized event calendars, designing contracts, managing client databases, printing order forms and invoices, creating menus, and putting together lists of menu ingredients. The software allows users to create production sheets, food and service line items reports, and packing lists. When customers are unable to find prints that meet their needs, they can actually ask for assistance to create the form they will be satisfied with.
Today users of this product have a choice of having the software installed directly on their computers, or accessing it through the web. Small to medium companies typically opt to acquire the desktop program through a one-time purchase. They then install it for single user or network access, or have it set up to allow wider area networking. Larger companies with complex operations and establishments that want to limit budget allocation for technical support often choose to get Caterease through the web. For a monthly subscription fee, they are able to access the program from any computer connected to the internet.
The advantages of using Horizon Business Services' catering software have come to the attention of thousands of companies who now use it to plan and conduct events efficiently. In a case study on Horizon Business Services, Dell has said that, "Its Caterease software, now available in both desktop and hosted versions, has made countless events more productive and profitable."
The current program version has several state-of-the-art add-ins that allow caterers and convention center managers to be on top of their business constantly. The Banquet add-in, for example, keeps track of bookings and warns personnel of booking conflicts. Its Venue Graph allows authorized users to shuffle the dates and venues for events by dragging and dropping them from a computer. To create activity and task reminders, the program has another add-in,the Contact Manager, which notes and stores conversations with clients for future reference. Possibly the most important feature of the software today is the way it gives marketing efforts a powerful helping hand. Through its Marketing tools, letters and other materials can be created for prospective customers. Its Prospect add-in further boosts sales efforts by gathering leads, tracing dates with prospective clients, keeping a history of correspondence, and generating custom e-mail for groups of prospects. With all these features, running a business in the hospitality industry has certainly become remarkably easier.
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