Care Connectix: Be One Of The First To Leave Your Air Ambulance Reviews

Care Connectix is a dedicated website for posting ratings and reviews about air ambulance companies.

Care Connectix is a dedicated website for posting ratings and reviews about air ambulance companies. It was created by those who have a passion for medical aviation to help like-minded people connect and share their knowledge and stories about air medical travel.

The purpose of Care Connectix is to help expand the knowledge base about air ambulance company ratings, and provide a forum for individuals to describe their experiences.

Anyone can leave a comment or review about an experience with any of the numerous air ambulance companies, and add their listings to the directory. Be one of the first to leave a testimonial about your favorite air ambulance company on Care Connectix.

In addition to posting comments, the Care Connectix website lists tips on everything from “How to Choose an Air Medical Transport,” to “Evaluating Safety Ratings” and “How to Locate a Reputable Air Ambulance Company.”

Booking a medical flight can be a challenge during a stressful time. The website was designed to help case managers and families who need emergency medical transport services choose from among the best possible solutions for their patients or loved ones.

Some of the many tips you’ll find on the CareConnectix website:

• Safety Ratings. One factor that may be overlooked is their AR/GUS Safety Rating. The best air ambulance companies operate business jets and should have a high safety rating.

• Highly-trained medical staff. A top-notch medical staff specializes in handling health emergencies on the ground and in the air, and has the necessary skills to ensure patients arrive at their destinations safely and securely.

• Owner versus Broker. Does the air Ambulance company you’re researching own or rent its airplanes? This is important because an owner-operator of its planes knows them well. A broker may not know the history and safety record of a rental aircraft.

• Jets or Helicopters? Learjets can fly faster and higher than conventional propeller planes or helicopters. The advantages to the patient are getting to the destination faster and the ability to reach higher altitudes allows for a smoother, more comfortable flight.

To leave your comments and testimonials about your air ambulance experiences, simply fill out the information at Care Connectix.

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