London, UK (May 14, 2014) -- The global B2B networking platform - BusinessVibes ( released a report titled "Global Logistics Industry Outlook 2014" that provides extensive figures and facts about the global logistics industry. This report helps members on BusinessVibes to analyze the current market and potential opportunities critical to the success of the logistics industry in the worldwide.
The detailed content in the report, "Global Logistics Industry Outlook 2014", will help the industrial professionals, potential investors, decision makers, analysts, and other individuals and organizations to navigate through the evolving market for global logistics.
Logistics is one of the most important basic industries for any economic growth as it is the management of the flow of products from the place of their origin to the place of their consumption, thus the industry also involves the integration of material handling, warehousing, packaging, transportation, shipping security, inventory management, supply chain management, procurement, and customs service.
The global logistics industry mainly comprises a complex range of freight and cargo related transportation sectors, such as shipping, warehousing, courier, and road/rail/air freight. The total global logistics market reached a value of about $4 trillion in 2013, representing an almost 10% of global GDP. The global transportation services market is fastest growing sector with more 7% year on year growth since 2011, now it is expected to generate revenue of 3.8% trillion in 2016. The US currently accounts for more than a 42% of global transportation services sector.
Over the next few years the global logistics market will see the growth in demand away from traditional Western economies to the emerging markets of China, India, other Asian economies, the Middle East and Latin America. However the size of the US and European logistics industries will still remain strong.
The Logistics and Shipping industry portal on BusinessVibes, as one of its 97 industry portals, provides a comprehensive database of companies in the global market. This database includes top global players, also showcases a list of trade associations and upcoming events in the Logistics and Shipping industry.
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