Mumbai, 28 February 2014 - It won’t be wrong to say that the advent of mobile technology has completely revolutionized our lives. It has now become the latest media for advertising. An increasing number of businesses nowadays are looking towards bulk SMS as the best way to reach potential customers. It is one way in which businesses are assured of reaching their target audience, without media wastage, that is the case with other media such as television and print ads.

One of the biggest advantages with SMS advertising is the fact that it can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used as a brand building tool. Similarly, in other cases, it may be used for advertising about a discount campaign that is meant for a select few niche customers. In certain other cases, it may be for announcing a discount campaign for a short duration of time to particular customers.

Another reason why an increasing number of advertisers are choosing bulk SMS gateway to reach out to potential customers is the cost. With the SMS gateway to help them out with advertising their products or services, they can reach potential customers at a much lesser cost, as compared to other media. In fact, with bulk SMS advertising, the cost involved will be only a fraction of that of in the case of electronic media. Moreover, the return on advertising investment will also be much more than in the case with conventional media advertising.

Another reason why an increasing number of businesses are using bulk SMS gateway products to advertise their products is the ease of use. Take for example the bulk SMS reseller solutions from companies such as Their bulk SMS software is simple to install and work with. The user-friendly website interface can help almost anyone with just basic knowledge of computers to send bulk SMS with ease. A few clicks and your message will be sent across to thousands of mobile phone users. You can now broadcast multiple advertising messages using this fast growing media. The entire process is simple and cost effective. It is not surprising then that bulk SMS is giving other types of conventional advertising a run for their money. Interested to know more about their competent advertising solutions? Make sure to review the offers available on their portal at, today!

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