Easthampton, MA – August 12, 2014 - Bold New Directions and affiliate Negotiations Training Institute have seen a surge of interest in their key Negotiations training program, Negotiating Success, states Marketing Director Lauren O’Boyle. “Recent interest in this innovative training program has been astounding” she says. “Communication skills are essential in most professional roles, but communication within a negotiating context is a very specific skill set that many do not inherently possess and that is where we come in” she adds. We surmise that jobs are becoming more demanding and more is expected of professionals these days. One of those in-demand skills is effective negotiation. Our Negotiating Success Training program addresses the basics of navigating the Negotiating relationship and learning strategies for positive outcomes.

Jim Hornickel, co-founder of Bold New Directions and author of Negotiating Success states “every relationship is essentially a negotiation”. With that in mind, our Negotiating Success program is designed to address the very core of communication strategies as they relate to any relationship. Praise for Mr. Hornickel’s book highlights the essence of the book: “Negotiation is something that occurs on a daily basis – from the small conversation regarding a work task completion to a more complex agreement regarding contractual factors. Having a resource that can offer a guide for the interacting process that dissolves conflict and builds rapport is so important. This book serve this purpose in a clear and comprehensive manner, effectively contributing to working relationships that facilitate the necessary pace of today’s working world” – Sarah Sexton, HR Manager, NWH Global, Doha, Quatar. Praise indeed for the book that supports our Negotiating Success training program.

Learning to Negotiate Successfully is an invaluable skill that will serve people in both their personal and professional lives. The surge in interest we are seeing for our Negotiating Success training program may be largely due to the demand and pressure being placed on modern professionals to come out ahead and “win” at the expense of others, but our Negotiating Success program teaches strategies for creating a positive negotiating relationship in which both parties “win”.

Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions strives to involve participants in experiential courses that transform the way they perform at work. Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

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