Big Bang Cooking Launch his First Product a Silicone Pastry Brush!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bing Bang Distribution Inc., just released their new cooking collection. The first article to be released to the public is a silicone pastry brush.

"It is summer time here in Montreal. For Montrealers, cooking on the barbecue is a tradition. A tradition that cannot go without a pastry brush. While you cook BBQ, you want your neighborhood to be mouth watering because of the delicious smell of your meal on the grill. The best way to envelope your BBQ with a delicious smell and make your steaks, ribs or hamburgers as tasty as can be is to spread your secret sauce on your meal with a pastry brush!" Said Ghislain Poirier the young owner of the startup Bing Bang Distribution.

This product is available on Amazon and is fulfilled by Amazon. Free 2 day shipping is available to Amazon Prime customers for this product. More information about it here

This first product will be followed by other useful cooking tools very soon.

About Bing Bang Distribution
Bing Bang Distribution Inc. is specialized in selling cooking related products online. As the owner Ghislain Poirier said:

When I was 16, my first job was in a cooking and decorative shop. We are now 10 years later; and all this time I worked in cooking related shop or in restaurants. I can now cook the best ribs you can ever imagine. Launching my own cooking collection is making me extremely proud; I hope to have the Big Bang Cooking collection everywhere in my well equipped kitchen.”

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