Basically description about the technical content of the Nike Mercurial Superfly

For each lover for Football Boots 2014 , the Mercurial Superfly should be the most attractive football shoe for them. China - For each lover for Football Boots 2014 , the Mercurial Superfly should be the most attractive football shoe for them. This is not because of the unique appearance of this shoe but also could be the high end technologies which have been applied into this new released Nike soccer cleat.

In a word, Mercurial Superfly¡¯s innovative design should be the result of Nike¡¯s most advanced technology which is the so called Nike Flyknit technology, a new 3D weaving technology. Through the using of this technology, the materials which will be used for making cheap Nike Football Boots could be greatly reduced and then the football touching feeling of the player could be better enhanced. For each football player, the touch feeling should be the very critical factor for them. Without the good feeling, the football playing will be very difficult.

On the other hand, the dynamic and high shoes collar of the Nike Mercurial Superfly soccer cleats already better improved the appearance and wearing feeling of this new released Nike shoe and it also brings a sense of better fitting feel, which could better enhance the touch and kick feeling of football players.

¡°The players have told us that there are no football boots which could have the better fitting feeling than the Nike Mercurial boots,¡± said by vice president whose name is Phil McCartney, ¡°Dynamic fitting shoes collar could perfectly joint the foot, ankle and calf and all of these parts could be linked into the wholly part of the body so that each player¡¯s concentration could be better improved and dribbling the ball passing will become more and more quickly. The overall description could be concluded into the huge benefit of the technology Flyknit which could allow each us to precisely adjust the shoes according to the different characteristics of the players.¡±

Mercurial Superfly also has other important breakthrough in technology such as Brio cabls which will be directly woven into the shoe and then connected to the outer sole by the lock eyelet. This tendon-liked support has been extended to the heel. As the Mercurial Superfly boots¡¯ shade like slingshot, this could give the football players enough forward force. On the other hand, this new version of Nike shoes also adopt the more flexible new whole palm carbon fiber chassis, which could help players get more effective reaction force from the ground.

By the above fully description, each football fans should know enough about the technical content of the Nike Mercurial Superfly. These high end technologies should be the main reason why this new series of Nike shoes could help each player gets such great performance. If people want to know more information about this new Nike shoe, please view website


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