Tustin, California — The best way to launch a successful career in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, according to expert Cal Banyan, is to study with a professional group dedicated to producing quality hypnotists. The staff at Banyan Hypnosis Center is just such a group, offering National Guild of Hypnotist-approved coursework for those who want to study hypnosis in Orange County at banyanhypnosiscenter.com

The field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a growing one, and the Banyan Hypnosis Center offers professional, accelerated training for certification in hypnosis in Irvine at www.banyanhypnosiscenter.com . In only 10 days, students are credited with 100 study hours and, upon graduation, earn several important certifications, including:

• Master Hypnotist Certification
• 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy Certification
• 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher Certification
• National Guild of Hypnotists Professional Certification

Students of hypnosis in Newport Beach banyanhypnosiscenter.com do not only receive top training from hypnosis professionals, however; they also receive unsurpassed support after graduation. Whatever the beginning level of students when they come to Banyan Hypnosis Center, by the time they leave they are NGH certified and ready to begin a new career as a professional hypnotist.

About Banyan Hypnosis Center:

Every year, visitors from around the world travel to Banyan Hypnosis Center to receive quality hypnotherapy training. Cal Banyan, who has a master’s degree in psychology and is the recipient of the Educator of the Year and Certified Hypnosis Instructor of the Year awards, offers quality education in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and ensures that the “one percenters,” those who are the very best in the field, receive the hypnosis training they deserve.

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