Aspen Mountain has Banner Snow Year Providing Excellent Ski Conditions and Improved Sales at Hamilton Sport Ski Rental Shop

Everyone loves to ski powder and this year was an excellent year for Aspen Mountain for snow conditions. This resulted in a banner year for Hamilton Sports ski rentals and ski wear sales.

Hamilton Sport Aspen ski rental shop is happy to announce that Aspen Mountain and the Power of Four had a record setting snow year for the 2013/2014 ski season. This is the best ski season the area has had since the all time record season of 2007/2008. The snow graced not only Aspen Mountain but all the local mountains the comprise the Power of Four; Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass Mountain and Buttermilk.

The snow came early in December and before town even picked up locals were enjoying amazing ski conditions. We even had the good fortune of a snow storm coinciding with the Broncos playing on Monday Night Football, this is always a boom for bookings at hotels and lodges which means business for the ski shops when everyone arrives.

Then on Jan 31 it happened, the single largest storm in the resorts history, with 24 inches in 24 hours. Amplified by the fact that the mountains had already received snow the 2 days before and already had a great base from regular snow all December and January, Aspen and the surrounding mountains were in the best conditions most locals had ever seen. It literally changed the way you could ski the mountain, you could charge the steepest lines with complete confidence and drop anything without worrying about hitting something buried under the snow. Locals and tourist alike were smiling for weeks, it was truly a special event to be a part of, the camaraderie on the hill was beautiful as everyone lucky enough to be here was rejoicing in such amazing ski conditions.

Fortunately it continued to snow the rest of the season, as it would have been hard to take a drought after such great early season conditions. In fact there were so many powder days in February and March that people could not even continue to dodge work, so the mountains started to ski like an average day in terms of people on the hill even when it had snowed 6 or eight inches. In the end the snow totals were 1605 over last year, and 125% over average, and considering how good the skiing is on an average snow year that 125% creates a stellar year to remember.

With all ths snow customers were back in droves after a couple average snow years. Kjusski wear was selling like crazy in the shop to the point where the store was out of stock of men’s ski jackets before the season even ended.

We rented more skis than ever this year at the shop, this was due to the increase of online users reserving their Aspen ski rentals online before they come, and with all the snow people wanting to rent powder boards to go steep and deep. Two of the favorite rental skis were Blizzard Peacemaker with its Tip & Tail Rocker profile and 104cm underfoot, and the Kastle BMX a big mountain freeride ski made specifically for deep powder. Many of our customers reported have never skied in such great conditions and getting to ski it on such amazing skis provided an experience they will never forget.

While we are greatly concerned about global warming and its long term effects on snow pack, it currently seems to be giving us more snow than every. So maybe it is time you booked that trip to Aspen, and when you do we recommend you get your Aspen ski rental at our Aspen ski shop Hamilton Sports, reserve online at Hamilton Sports and receive a 15% discount!

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