China - For these people who are new to the fiber and its connector, they should have the commonly question about why people need to use the professional fiber optic cleaning device to clean the fiber devices before testing and using as these optical products are already equipped with the dust cover. Now, the professional editor from famous fiber optic cleaner online seller will analyze all reasons about this situation.

Generally speaking, all of these fiber optic connectors, patch cords, pigtails and adapters will be equipped with dust caps before they have been finished at the factory. In addition to the role of ensure the cleaning condition of connectors, the most crucial role of these dust caps should be protect the fiber optic connector end face and avoid direct contact with the connector end and cause into related damage. People could only remove the dust cap in the process if installation, testing and using . Once the dust cap is removed, the optical fiber connector must be connected with another fiber optic connector. Therefore, there is an error that people do not need to clean the connector surface as the existence of the dust cap.

Because people cannot determine whether the connector surface is cleaning or not before the covering of the anti-dust caps and the dust cap itself are not totally clean, so the cleaning before the connection and installation is very necessary otherwise the dirties and dust will totally affect the signal transmission. On the current situation, the traditional way of cleaning the connector surface should be the using of alcohol and nonwoven cloth. For the traditional way, people can choose the ordinary industrial alcohol and the lint-free tissue paper or non-woven cloth. However, the professional engineer always uses the professional tools and the Cletop from is the best example for this.

In addition, people can also choose the professional fiber cleaning fluid which could be easily found in the fiber optic cleaning kit. The professional fiber cleaning fluid own the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, fire-retardant, insulation and rapid volatilization characteristics. The price of this product is higher than the traditional alcohol which could be suitable for application in the engine room as well as place has high environmental demand. In addition, there are also many other cleaning products on current market and people could visit website below to know about them.

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