The Phone Sheriff App is a trusted hybrid software that is exclusively made to monitor the activities on smart phones and tablets in real time. The software runs on a unique stealth system that records all activities and blocks certain activities. This software is most useful for employers who want to monitor the employee activities who use company-issued mobile phones or tablets. The tool comes with a lot of features such as recording the call history, messenger logs, sms monitoring, panic alert, anti-abduction mode, track GPS location, websites visited, view contact and calendar activities, real time tracking, instant alerts and notifications, photos, videos, email logs, mobile data usage, remote uninstall, multiple device management, phone time restriction, free archive application and many others.

Most of these features are also useful for parents who want to monitor the activities of their younger children who use smart phones and tablets. Parents can control activities such as calling or texting, browsing unwanted sites and many others. The Phone Sheriff Icon would be automatically hidden or disabled from the phone screen after installation. Employers or parents who are using the PhoneSheriff App can also use the PIN to add security to the tool. The tool acts like an excellent surveillance and monitoring tool which also allows users to change the settings remotely just like the real time surveillance systems. All in all the tools is an extremely helpful piece of software that is designed to help employers as well as families.

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Phone Sheriff App is mobile software that would help employers monitor employee activity on the company-issued phones and tablets. It can also be installed by parents on their kids’ mobiles so as to monitor their activities.

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