Accumold Is Offering A Customized Solution For Micro Molding And Manufacturing

Accumold is known for manufacturing small micro sized part equipment. They started up the organization in the year 1985 with a rented garage and now they are one of the brand name in the industry. They are engaged in the manufacturing of small micro parts that companies cannot produce. They are one of the oldest micro-molding companies in the area. They have designed the manufacturing of small parts for minimal waste and short cycles for electronic component manufacturers. They are continuously producing components like automotive fiber optics along with Micro electronics and Military equipment for emerging markets. They are one of among the best Injection molding companies in the area. The equipment manufactured by them are typically less than 0.5 cubic inches in volume. They add micro-features to thin walls and tiny holes. Such parts can be easily found in cell phones and optic devices. They are known for producing devices like surgical tools, hearing aids, antennas and connectors. They have their own specialties in Packaging and shipping. They are known for producing smaller micromolding machinery at low costs. They own experts in micro-molding from the year 1980s itself. The level of expertise of the Injection Molding companies is continuously growing in the area. They own a registered trade mark named Accu mold and Micro-molds. The organization is a one-stop shop for Injection molded parts. Get in touch with them whenever you need micro-parts for your company. About The Company: Accumold is the leading service provider for small sized part equipment. They have started the organization in the year 1985 with a rented garage. They have started the tooling, molding and packaging under their own roof located near Des Moines. They own a piece of land with 15 acres space. They are engaged in expansion of 200,000 square feet complex. They have received ISO 9001:2008 certification for their work.

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