Release News Press Release Distribution has been taking the headache and guess work out of press releases since 2009. Visitors to find that they can receive press release writing services, editing and support, distribution to various critical news and industry services and other forms of press release and distribution expertise. Worldwide reach is possible through the use of this service as a marketing tool.

Customers who use the various packages of services provided by Release News have reported increased traffic to their websites, better brand and image visibility online, unmatched SEO benefits; along with better and quicker exposure and the buzz the release generates in the marketplace.

With online buzz and an increase in hits (visitors) to the press release; customers who use the services are getting noticed by the groups they wish to target; such as bloggers in their industry, newspapers and radio stations. Time is of the essence with date sensitive press releases, so they need the blaze of the microwave rather than oven speed. Many businesses and individuals seem to be able to get oven speed when acting independently.

With a mere five step process, account holders can see how publishing their press release through this site can provide them with a partner that can deliver the information to a broad swath of critical sources.

In many cases, people do not have enough of their own business connections to get their press release out to the masses quickly and efficiently during the critical window of time tied to their release. That makes a site like a step up the ladder and a hand of support.

It amounts to Release News having the right connections, a streamlined process, and a means to catapult an account holder's release into the right market and help them to strike while the iron is hot.

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