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Best Selling Author Robert Vitelli to Pen His next “The Small Business Secret Success System” in a Publishing Deal with Accelerated Publishing Inc. kinky Monkey753

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Robert Vitelli is a bestselling author who is well known for his books “Fight For Your Dreams” with Les Brown, “Leading The Field” and “Pushing To The Front” with Brian Tracy. Robert has inked a publishing deal with Accelerated Publishing Inc. to pen his next book entitled “The Small Business Secret Success System”. This is a marketing book that focuses on marketing methods and strategic sales systems that can quickly boom the business profits by 300%. Robert’s systems have proved to be extremely successful for many businesses.

Robert was also featured in USA Today, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS Money Watch and many other media platforms. Robert is labeled as the “Guru Whisperer” and the Teacher of Teachers. He is also known as one of those “Breakthrough Masters” owing to his unique background and skill set. Robert is popular for his inspirational live presentations for entrepreneurial audiences around the globe. As a world class speaker, Robert understands the dynamics and desired outcomes of live events. In his free time Robert supports impoverished children throughout the United States with Childrens’ International www.children.org and has been associated with the same for the past 17 years.

To know more about Robert Vitelli visit website www.robertvitelli.com

About Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli is a speaker, trainer and an award winning author. Robert is also a Business Strategist who offers business specific strategies and methods. He also has a unique background and 27 years of experience in stealth marketing strategies and unique presentation techniques.

Media Contact
Robert Vitelli
Address: 9484 S. Eastern Ave. #81 Las Vegas, NV 89123
Phone: 702-538-7650
Website: www.robertvitelli.com

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