1-800-Dent-Doc Introduces Same-Day Repair

For more than 25 years, 1-800-Dent-Doc has been serving customers with rapid dent repair. For more than 25 years, 1-800-Dent-Doc has been serving customers with rapid dent repair. Now, 1-800-Dent-Doc extends this same service to cover all types of mobile repair including mobile paint repair and bumper repair.

1-800-DENT-DOC is a name that has become synonymous with paintless dent repair as seen at www.1800dentdoc.com/paintless-dent-repair.htm . However, paintless dent removal, as shown at www.1800dentdoc.com/paintless-dent-removal.htm , is not the only service that 1-800-DENT-DOC provides. The company can also perform same-day repair such as bumper repair as seen at www.1800dentdoc.com/bumper-repair.htm and mobile paint repairs with quality, professional service.

Paintless dent removal and mobile paint repair are two methods of repairing body work that take a very short time when done properly. The professionals at 1-800-DENT-DOC pride themselves on their ability to work quickly and achieve beautiful results. 1-800-DENT-DOC will come to the customer's home, place of employment or other locations and perform the work on the spot, removing the need for the customer to take the car to a repair shop and leave it for days.

For fast, professional dent removal and paint touch-up, 1-800-DENT-DOC can provide those who want rapid repairs with quality work that takes a fraction of the time and usually costs much less than auto-body repair performed in a professional garage or dealership repair site.

About 1-800-DENT-DOC:

For more than 25 years, 1-800-DENT-DOC has provided quality mobile repair service to Orange County and other areas. 1-800-DENT-DOC features highly-trained technicians who are ready to work with customers to give them professional service in the shortest time possible. With the help of 1-800-DENT-DOC, customers can have paintless dent removal or mobile paint repair performed on site, sometimes in under one hour, and be on their way with stunning results.

For More Information:
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