Our website www.forremembranceday.com launched in the month of June, 2014 with an aim to give tribute to the soldiers who died in the battle field in World War I.
Fans of Tamagotchi Online can now enjoy the game for free on the website of Games Squad.
Vamp & Burn plays the Brisbane Fringe Festival at Black Bear Lodge on August 17, followed by the Docklands Arts, Laughs and Blues Festival in Melbourne’s Wonderland Spiegeltent on October 4.
Native Sun, a Midwest hip hop trio focuses on expanding their fan base beyond the Midwest with their second EP, Undeniable
People can now enjoy a cool game of Cat Mario Online on the website of Games Squad. The website is offering this game for free.

Save the Date! Monterey’s Old Fisherman’s Wharf Association is holding its special free “Everything Italian! Monterey’s Old Fisherman’s Wharf 2ND Annual Columbus Day Weekend Celebration” event on Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12, 2014.

ThreadArt just added 40 new colors to our popular polyester embroidery thread line. Thread is on 1000 meter mini-cones.

London, England – July 26, 2014 – ThePhotoTeam.co.uk has undergone a massive change! Owned and managed by The Photo Team Photography Private Limited, the website has been given a solid makeover in keeping with the latest trends over the Internet and web surfer behaviour. It is now more attractive, more responsive, more feature-rich, and more streamlined than the previous version. The company hopes that the novel website will take user experience to greater heights.

A premier event photography company based in London, The Photo Team believes in bringing innovation to everything they perform. They have already gained widespread acclaims for their exceptional photography service that combines topnotch photographic skills, cutting-edge technologies, bespoke solutions and competitive prices. Since ThePhotoTeam.co.uk is the company’s interface with hundreds of potential customers online, it had to be very creative and functional to meet the end user requirements and the latest avatar promises to fulfil that.

“We’re delighted to launch the new look and feel of our website that has been redesigned to incorporate many value-adding features and enhance user experience. The responsive design allows our webpages to automatically adjust to any screen size, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, with no distortion of appearance and features. And, from our home page, visitors can directly visit the particular section they want photography service for. We’ve arranged various types of occasions into 4 categories such as Conferences, Corporate, Events and Celebrations. Each category contains its service details and a long list of past pictures taken by our photographers for your evaluation,” says a spokesperson of The Photo Team on the occasion of website being relaunched.

“We don’t charge to attend most events and usually set up a mobile studio at your event. We then take high quality pictures of your guests that they can view on a special touch screen display and possibly purchase the prints on the spot. All these photos will also be uploaded on our website for purchase later on. There is no obligation to have your photos taken or to purchase,” adds the spokesperson.

All bookings should be confirmed by filling out a booking form available on the website. The Photo Team has also launched a ‘reward scheme’ that encourages event managers and all other individuals to refer their clients, family or friends to the company and earn points upon the successful coverage of an event. The points can be redeemed for vouchers.

So, take a look at the all new http://thephototeam.co.uk/ and experience the difference!

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries for the gallery's 4th Annual "SeaScapes" Juried Art Competition for the month of August 2014.
Cindy Music Studio is headed by Cindy who offers professional piano lessons as well as music lessons to people living in and around Toronto.
Be among the first users of the new website that connects songwriters and composer to established artists.
Some things get stuck in people's heads and some things are worthy of a second dosage. Cameroon-born US Pop Singer Sam Ebako dished up a merger of both in his recent release of a Double Remix of his first single.

Ebako, originally released “Stuck in my Head” in January of 2014, where the selection was a Dub-step R&B track. In Cameroon, where he was born, Sudanic and Bantu people speak French and English as official languages. This gave the singer the impetus to do a second release to which his French-speaking audience could relate and which would simultaneously connect well with all pop music fans.

As he details it, the muse for the lyrics to this song came from his own personal experience with a romantic break-up that occurred between

IMDb Rank Booster is an online database organization related to films, television and video games that provides ranking to people connected with the show biz in Internet Movie database as a measure of acceptability.

All the latest information on Chris Stokes in the world of film, television and music. Stay up to date with all of Chris Stokes' projects in the film, television and music industry.
Not a long time ago, a great site known as Song365.us decided to create a list of many songs that users can listen and download via their website without the need of spending a single dime.

The Glam Metal Rock Band Scarlett Gypsy has garnered the attention of fans and critics alike with the unveiling of their eagerly awaited debut album - All Access – available now on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby and Bandcamp.

PlayHOG company specializes in programming and development of free hidden object games. They have various platforms with more than 500 games for people of all ages to have fun.
John R. Math, Owner of Light Space Time, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation and launch of Art-Classifieds.com.

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