Unique 3D runner game with freeform movement

Play as a species of fireflies called 'Lampers' through a variety of dangerous environments. Dodge obstacles, and collect coins to help you survive the challenges as a small bug in a big world.
Guide the flying fireflies to the new home in Little Lamper!
July 1 2014 - “Once, we lived in peace and serenity. Our home was a safe haven, secluded, luminous against the darkness that surrounded us and a beacon to guide our friends and family back home. But that was before... Now, with our home destroyed, we are constantly on the run, avoiding dangers, eluding the spiders and making our way through dangerous environments to try to find a new sanctuary that we can call home.”
The Lampers are a cute, harmless species of fireflies who enjoyed their small place in the world until they were forced to flee their home and look for a new place to live. Now you can help guide them through a variety of dangerous environments to safety in Little Lamper - the great new freeform 3D ‘runner’ game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
There are many other ‘runner’ type games available but most don’t have the intuitive, natural feel of Little Lamper or the complete freedom to go where the player wants. Many games offer a limited choice of two to three routes to follow but Little Lamper offers genuine choice of destination. The control system is based around the gyroscope and once familiar, feels so natural while the graphics push modern processors to the limit making the game look stunning while flowing freely with no lag or buffering - you are almost in the Little Lamper’s world! The cute, cartoon visuals and happy music mean you can’t help but smile - whether you’re collecting coins, dodging rocks, branches or those horrible spiders!
Little Lamper is a genuine feel-good game that all ages can enjoy and has the addictive, ‘one-more-go’ feel that all your favourite games have! The game starts on the ice cave level where the player will encounter static and rotating ice bolts, spider webs and more traps before moving into the dangerous forest where the dangers include branches, twigs, fireballs, rocks and even roaming spiders - we don’t want to give too much away, playing the game is the best way to unlock its secrets.
Little Lamper can be downloaded now for free from the Apple iTunes store and you can be helping the Lampers avoid danger and get to their new home in moments!
Notes to Editors
Little Lamper was created by Archiact Interactive based in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit http://archiactinteractive.com/
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