The Mad Music Asylum: The Internet Radio Station That Puts The Listener First With Great Quality Music

Online music radio stations brings real music of the past fifty years

{image 1}The majority of commercial radio stations are aimed at the under 30s, leaving people over this age without a platform to listen to their favorite music. Thanks to the Mad Music Asylum, a leading internet based radio station listeners of any age have a good quality station they can listen too, no matter where they are. The Mad Music Asylum has become one of the most popular internet radio stations thanks to the music they play from the last five decades of rock and roll

The Mad Music Asylum has seen a huge daily increase in listeners from around the world, making them one of the fastest growing internet based radio stations. Listeners who tune in can expect to hear good quality music from the last five decades, music that commercial radio stations refuse to play.

Mad Music Asylum started off as a show to test the water, wanting to bring good quality music to listeners who were missing out with commercial radio stations. Since the launch of the show, it has continued to grow until it became an internet radio station attracting listeners from all over the world.

The show which continues to go from strength to strength features music from the last five decades, including the Beatles, Van Morrison and Springsteen, making it one of the few places people can hear good quality music to bring the good times back. The radio station makes it easier for people to tune in while on the move. Unlike traditional radio stations, listeners can turn to their iPad’s, mobile phones and other devices to listen to one of the best music radio stations on the internet.

A spokesman for the Internet Radio Station explained commercial radio stations are ignoring people over the age of 30, leaving music lovers who want to listen to real popular music being forced to listen to the likes of Justin Bieber when they want to listen to the Beatles.

The Mad Music Asylum is all about real music, listening to what the listeners want to be played and not what the kids or the advertisers want. For people wishing to tune in and find out why the internet radio station has become one of the most talked about online stations please visit

About The Mad Music Asylum

The Mad Music Asylum is an internet based radio station that plays all the best music from previous years.

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