SMT Records Looking For New Music Talent

SMT records are offering new and attractive deals for up and coming musicians and artists. Providing full packages that caters for everything from designing record sleeves, organizing interviews and setting artists up with publicists. SMT Records state their resources are comparable with those of hit boy band 'One Direction' receive.


Margin wise, their new services offers a 70% profit margin, this means the artist gets the majority of the sale of music. In addition, they will not take copyright of the material.

A spokesperson from SMT Records said:

"If you can find a better deal, Take It"

In addition to the above benefits, they are now offering control over paperwork and royalties including reports. They also have capabilities to feature artists on their own radio interview alongside music.


SMT Records has a philosophy of developing relationships with artists, to help them navigate the maze of the industry and provide a local launching pad though a free global broadcasting platform.

Byron Andres

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