Michael Blaney has made a career out of helping other people.  And always putting them first.  Even with a life plagued with hardships he was always willing to help anyone and everyone.  It's no wonder looking back that hadn't allowed himself a chance to breathe so that he could hit his creative stride he always new was buried inside of him.   In a year it's been one heck of a stride.   Since May of 2013, Michael Blaney has put out some great projects.   Books;  FROGULEY series, I'M ONLY HUMAN, the just released WERE ONLY HUMAN.   Two websites he put together himself, the first hitting 60,000 on Alexa after two weeks with no marketing;  www.iwant2behuman.com and www.dreamlighthouseproductions.com.   And if that isnt enough 2013 saw him with music releases:  singles WHY and WHATS WRONG WITH YOU.  And a full length album HAUNT which is a must have for any true rocker.              And now Michael Blaney is releasing a dance album this week called DANCE MUSIC THAT ROCKS with some chunky songs like AMERICAN SOLIDER, DONT MAKE ME SAY IM SORRY and NEW WORLD.    But, it's the album he is working on now CHRONICLES OF AN UGLY SUPERSTAR that has him all giddy.   The 28 song album he says is his crowing moment an artist, and he's released the title track this week.    And he plans on releasing two other songs MACHINE and IM A PROUD AMERICAN which have already been leaked and become fan favorites.  And if that isn't enough he has a huge project with DEVIL AND THE HELLHOUNDS which he wrote and will be a video game, movie and graphic novel and is being kept discreet.
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