Local Artist Brings Fusion Artwork to Life using Autodesk SketchBook Pro

Autodesk supports first time exhibition of father and son tandem, Abdullah Al Muharraqi and Khalid Al Muharraqi, featuring their combined works in one show
A first-of-its-kind art exhibition titled ‘Muharraqi: Father and Son’ recently showcased fusion artwork created using digital art tools such as Autodesk SketchBook Pro. The exhibition held at the Sheikh Ibrahim Centre for Culture and Research in Muharraq, featured the latest works of father and son artist duo, Abdullah Al Muharraqi and Khalid Al Muharraqi,  throwing the spotlight on their strong attention to detail combined with a gleaming symphony of artistic legacy and controversial imagery. ‘Muharraqi: Father and Son’ is part of the country’s Spring of Culture Festival, an annual cluster of activities that have been designed to showcase Bahrain’s rich culture and heritage.   One of the highlights of the exhibition was the display of “Age & Sickness,” an artistic masterpiece that both artists collaborated on. The exhibition is also Khalid’s first in 30 years—an event made more significant by working alongside his mentor and father, Abdullah. The younger artist used Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro sketching software to help create his magnificent fusion artwork.   "I enjoyed working with my Father in preparing for this exhibition. We would initially start with discussing and sharing our ideas. My father would do initial sketches and I would load it onto SketchBook Pro, where I could repaint and adjust according to his master sketch," said Khalid. "Once done, I start composting and adjusting the colors for a final print. My father would later repaint oils on top of this original print. There is a deep sense of fulfillment in seeing the completed work--signed with both my father's name and mine. It's a pleasure that i cannot explain."   Autodesk SketchBook Pro sketching software is a professional-grade painting app that is easy to use for every artist. The intuitive sketching and painting software transforms any computer into a complete toolkit for professional artists, illustrators, and designers—making it an ideal solution for artists looking for a digital art solution on their computers. It’s an easy-to-use drawing app with powerful illustration tools. The mobile version is a great way to take the illustration software with you wherever you go and features familiar brush types that create a natural, intuitive tablet drawing experience.   “Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro played a significant role in making this exhibition happen. I loved using the application, particularly for its Symmetry Tool and Steady Stroke feature, which helped me fix and get better results that normally would take more time to do by hand. This is the first time for me to work with such smart tools available on a painting or drawing software and it has surely made my work as an artist more convenient,” concluded Khalid.

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