Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall, Art Gallery and Workshop Studio

Conceived in 1980 in memory of Shri Kamalnayan Bajaj, this prime exhibition space helps promote the spirit of the art and its appreciation. A place where artists and art lovers convene to introduce and celebrate the unique expressions of imagination.
The Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery recently held exhibitions, conducted by Suarabh Kadam, Akshata Mavlankar, Dnyaneshwar Ingle, Preeti Sutar and Arti Jatar.

Srushti by Saurabh Kadam
Manifesto of Nature bestowed by the passionate God in the form of painter. Depicted by the creative vision, the Pied Beauty of Nature accompanied with brush. Dedicated to the creator...'Almighty'. This is the theme of the 'SRUSHTI' - an exhibition of Landscapes in the medium of oil on canvas by Saurabh Kadam.

Exhibition of Paintings by Akshata Mavlankar and Dnyaneshwar Ingle
Akshata Mavlankar is an artist from Goa. An engineer by education, Akshata is an aspiring expressionist trying to create her own space in the art world. Akshata left her full time job and took to art seriously in 2009 when she met Vishal Phasale and Vishwajeet Naik, established Pune artists who became her art mentors. She believes in art with purpose and delves in Acrylic, Ink, Pastels on Canvas and Handmade paper.
There are no words to describe creative force. Dnyaneshwar Ingle's outpouring of creativity surges up from within the depths of the artist and floods the canvas. Ingle works with the canvas like a powerful creator. His paintings are bursts of vibrant and dazzling colour, each giving way to the next, forming part of the painting's dimensions.
Black Forms and Coloured Thoughts by Preeti Sutar and Arti Jatar
In Preeti Sutar's words, "Simple things such as love, inter-connectedness of human beings, all the natural laws, etc. are the ones, which gets my attention quickly. They are simple yet profound. Implementation of it is the need of the hour and it is one of my innermost urges to get this message across to others through my paintings."

Arti Jatar always been interested and fascinated with art, handicraft and design. Painting for her is a form of meditation and after spending a couple of hours each day, she feels motivated to do more and better herself.

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