Juke!Juke!! - the world’s first DJ Tower building game!

World's first DJ tower building game! -The ultimate music player app! -Bring out your best music collections to build and manage hot and rocking dance clubs!
July 18 2014 – Experience a new way to enjoy your music on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and play an awesomely addictive game at the same time - get ready to play Juke!Juke!!
Juke!Juke!! lets users bring out their best music collections to build and manage hot and rocking dance clubs while listening to up to 100 songs and managing the best dance clubs around. The aim of Juke!Juke!! is to successfully run multiple dance clubs by hiring DJs, bringing in customers, and building more dance clubs. The clubs' DJs will play different genres of music direct from your smartphone or tablet which you can listen to through Juke!Juke!! while club-hopping! Just touch the club depending on you’re mood and what you want to listen to and hear the DJ’s spinning their tracks.
Mr.Pictos are the cute and fun party-goers in Juke!Juke!! The little guys may look alike but each has their own personality and skills. The DJs start hitting the decks and you can invite the different Mr.Pictos into the clubs. Once inside you can make them dance, and when they are dancing the sales in the club start increasing.
It’s not all about the money though - you can spruce up the party-goers with different looks, decorate the DJ booths, backgrounds and names of every club and change almost any aspect of them to suit your mood and taste!

Be sure to watch out for the special Mr.Pictos with the super special skills. Find them and watch them rock the dance clubs!
Juke!Juke!! is available for free from the Apple iTunes Store right now for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Download it today and dance the night away with Mr.Pictos and all the dance clubs you can manage!
Notes to Editors
Juke!Juke!! was created for Sony Music Entertainment by NicoLabo. For more information contact or visit http://www.nicolabo.com/

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