Join The Upcoming Book Tour Of J. Kahele, The Great Author Of Blink: The Series – Breaking Branches

Blink: The Series – Breaking Branches is a great book by J. Kahele. The author is going to arrange a book tour.
This season brings some amazing news for the Amazon shoppers. An amazing book tour is going to be organized for the book lovers. J. Kahele, one of the top selling authors in the market has scheduled an amazing book tour on the new book, Blink: The Series – Breaking Branches, from April 30, 2014 to May 8, 2014.  
This is the kindle version of a contemporary fiction, which is based on the life of Christia Cartwright, who fights against the regular nightmare visions. The story progresses, with the arrival of Michael Wellington, the man with a very strong conviction. The story line comes to life with the enticing romance between the two protagonists and progresses quickly into nonstop action. However, the writer deepens the plot with the mystery and complex character of Michael as well.  
This book was released on 7th December, 2013, and has earned many appreciations from the readers. The original price of the book is fixed at $13.99. However, the Amazon shoppers can purchase this book at just $5.73, with an unbelievable discount of 59%. You can actually make a saving of $8.26, by purchasing this book from the Amazon store. This is a beautifully written book of 274 pages.
This fantastic book has touched the minds of several readers to a great extent.  Mary has been mesmerized after reading this book, recently. According to her, “Young collegiate Tia Cartwright is an orphan living on Maui with housemates who have become family. Tia is no damsel in distress. however, she has survived the worst life could throw at her, so feels entitled to live on the ragged edge and drown nightmares in alcohol.
After she enthralls Michael Wellington, the man everyone wants (and most have had), she finds that he and a few others use secret super powers to combat a powerful menace to humans in this Hawaiian paradise. Tia’s reckless behavior makes her likely prey-or recruit?-of this mesmerizing malevolent force. Breaking Branches, an aptly chilling title, is a mix of folklore/graphic novel with haiku-like passages tossed in. When Tia is drawn to the warm ocean beach, you would swear you are there yourself. The writing flows effortlessly and captivates. This is a fantastically written book, which has created a great impression on the writing style of this first time writer. I have completely enjoyed going through the book.  This is really an impressive debut for J. Kahele!”
J. Kahele has come up with a new book. This book is called, Blink: The Series – Breaking Branches. For more details please visit
J. Kahele
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