InZeDogHouse™ - The Ultimate Phone Impulse Control App!

EVERYONE has someone they should NOT phone. For good, bad or just…because. So why not avoid touchscreen temptation for an hour, a day, a week or even a year. Just seeing that ‘special someone’ InZeDogHouse is oh so…satisfying.
May 2014 - Have you ever needed to NOT call someone? Thought so. InZeDogHouse™ is the ultimate app for anyone with Touch-Phone Temptation and let’s face it, who hasn’t got that? InZeDogHouse really is the essential, secret conscience for your iPhone, so no more excuses.
With InZeDogHouse your selected contacts are temporarily and safely stored out of temptation’s way. But what’s most effective is actually seeing your contacts InZeDogHouse. So whenever you go to dial that certain someone this app will make you ‘paws for thought’. You ultimately control your phone destiny, but InZeDogHouse is there to help you.
Animated and user-friendly, InZeDogHouse has cool features like Top Zecret Stats to track your top ten Dog House Guests – by the way it’s recommended you run your stats by a therapist from time to time. And what’s also great is you can ‘dog-house’ as many contacts as you want all at the same time. AND you can put them away from as little as a minute to as long as a year – that is so radical. And for the brave there are nifty direct links to Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email if, and only if, you want to share who’s InZeDogHouse.
Any of these Fonarios™ ring true with you?
Have anyone on your Do Not Call List for good, bad or just because? And who hasn’t had a great first date but been tempted to call back way too soon? AND who hasn’t accidently dialled a really important number only to live to regret it? Divorcées, do you who really need to see your ex-partner’s number every time you open your contact list? Didn’t think so. Stick them InZeDogHouse until Kiddie Exchange Day.
InZeDogHouse is like having your best friend and confidante with you at all times. Which is especially useful after work when your Ex suddenly enters the discussion and before you know it your phone is out. Next Friday night put your Ex InZeDogHouse and enjoy your Saturday
morning coffee with no Dial Depression.
Putting a contact InZeDogHouse can also be a gift. If your partner goes away for a few days of peace, be nice and dog-house them. They really don’t need to hear about your fight with the postman. But if you really, really, really think they do, there’s a special early release system – but beware it bites!
InZeDogHouse creator Camilla Leslie says, “I’m always delighted when friends call me about their positive experiences from using the app. And also because it means they haven’t put me InZeDogHouse! I originally created the app because I didn’t want to call my boyfriend for a few days but I also didn’t want to delete his number. I needed a phone app that was genuinely effective but which would also make me smile whenever I used it. And so the idea of InZeDogHouse was born.’’
Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store ($0.99).
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