"Event coordinator Gus Drakopoulos, of Sin City Entertainment & Sin City Promotions, is the man behind the success and popularity that this nightclub has earned."

After pursuing a formal education from St. Demetrios School in Astoria, Gus started his professional career as an investment banker from the age of 19 - 25.

Later on, he decided to change his career, and became event coordinator for Sin City.

His dedication and event coordination skills; made this venue, one of the most popular nightlife venues in New York City.

Many people visit this club, which is one of the hottest adult entertainment nightclubs in the city, including high profile celebrities.

Besides his successful work at Sin City Entertainment & Sin City Promotions, Gus Drakopoulos is also a kind human being. He is associated with many local charitable communities in South Bronx, and participates in many local community council meetings. He has helped plant trees, renovate sidewalks, and install lighting for a better surrounding.

For his dedication and outstanding services towards the community, Gus Drakopoulos has received a certification for the 40 the Precinct Police Department, Bronx, New York.

Furthermore, Mr. Drakopoulos has also received a letter of appreciation by the Betances Community Center Advisory Board for his dedication to community service, in the Back to School event.

Besides this, Mr. Gus Drakopoulos has donated to the NYC PBA Widows and Children’s Fund. The fund along with Mr. Gus Drakopoulos efforts, have helped to bring smiles to the widows and children of police officers that died on the job.

He has been providing them holiday gifts, scholarships and other forms of financial help.

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