FormattPhoto - The Professional’s Photo App of Choice

Formatt Photo comes complete with over 100+ real-time Filters & Effects. Use professional style filters on your iPhone, live, with dramatic results. With our intuitive interface you can control focus, touch-and-hold exposure lock, tap-and-focus lock and real-time filters – allowing you to create stunning images. Take control of your iPhone photography with Formatt Photo when you take the photo, not after.
July 8 2014 - FormattPhoto, the professional’s chosen camera app used by hundreds of thousands of users on every continent in the world, has been updated to its most comprehensive version yet. FormattPhoto (formerly Filters! App) offers the latest and most advanced version of the industry approved camera app, which now includes a built-in photo editor and various updated camera filters from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in photographic and broadcast filters.   Formatt Hitech have brought their industry-leading expertise to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with over 100 live DSLR style filters and effects which enhance pictures in real time as you shoot, including the unique neutral density (ND) filters - like a true DSLR device on both front and rear cameras. FormattPhoto also offers live application of filters pre-shot or post edit function giving users complete control over the look and quality of their photographs.   Available for any Apple device with iOS 7.0 or later now for the bargain price of $2.99 (complete with no in-app purchases – and as a free update for all Filters! App users), FormattPhoto provides elegant exposure adjustments, horizon point control, graduated filters, black and white contrast filters and other special effects and features including:   ? 26 Neutral Density Filter stops and settings - the only camera app available with this feature!? 42 Color filters with three stops/density settings each? 10 filters for each category including Pop Art, Retro Vintage, Black and White, Portrait, Effects and Specialty filters including the Polarizer feature, unique and exclusive to the FormattPhoto app? Fine adjustments for contrast, brightness, warmth and exposure? Focus lock, exposure lock, anti-shake and auto-white balance? Graduated filters for difficult lighting situations? Advanced zoom, crop and free rotate? Edit existing photos from Camera Roll? Add date-stamp, metadata, geotags and custom copyright watermarking? Continuous camera flash for constant lighting effects? Five sizes of images can be saved from extra small to HD? Instant and Automatic Upload for Facebook and Twitter? Share images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr   For the first time ever on iOS, users now have access to the same filters the professionals use - and the professionals love FormattPhoto already! Pro Photographer John Chapple said: “When I first heard how many filters were included on FormattPhoto, I thought I’m going to need bigger pockets!” while fellow Pro Photographer Mabry Campbell said: “The FormattPhoto app quickly made it’s way to become my number one camera app after just one use”.   FormattPhoto attracted an unprecedented user base when it was first released with no fanfare or publicity, just through industry word of mouth. The latest version is the best yet so join the professionals and soon you’ll be shooting and editing like one too!   Notes to EditorsFormattPhoto was created by Formatt Hightech Ltd. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit   Connect with us on Social Media!Facebook - - ###

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