June 16, 2014 – Events Uncovered TV, a platform for event planning experts to connect, learn, and share knowledge, announce the launch of 2 new videos with Rosa Garriga Mora and Gerdie Schreuders!

The interviews cover how to make meetings more effective, from understanding the objectives to using the ROI methodology and what Live Online events are, how they work and what are the benefits.

In addition, the goal of providing a unique and fresh approach to each event is highlighted. There is also a focus on organization, and how specific types of events are organized based on unique needs.

Rosa is an events professional with special interest in designing effective meetings whose results are measurable and aligned with an organization’s strategic objectives.

Gerdie is a hybrid event specialist and author of books on strategic event marketing.

To learn more and see the interview between Events Uncovered TV’s Silvia Pellegrini and the incredible guests, go to http://www.eventsuncovered.tv/category/episodes

The company can also be visited on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as its own homepage at http://www.eventsuncovered.tv/


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