Composer & Vocalist DONALD STUART HAY New CD

DONALD STUART HAY,  Composer and Vocalist, has 4 CD’S available online including his latest released LP album, titled, “What Can I Do”.


This CD is comprised of 14 tracks for a total listening time of 45 minutes. These songs are new compositions by Donald Stuart Hay with the exception of three inspirational classics, one of them being Arthur Sullivan’s eternal masterpiece, “The Lost Chord,”


His previous CD, named “Almost Classical” consists of some masterpieces such as the very moving "Mountain of Glass" in which he has taken some of the music from the opera Pagliacci and has written beautiful and very emotional lyrics to it. There is a wide variety of music on this CD including “Old Man River“ from the musical Showboat, "The Old Rugged Cross“ and a song he has written about a young man who leaves home to travel but is happy to return to his “ Old Country Home “


Of the 14 tracks on “What Can I Do,” seven are warm, natural vocal renditions. The remaining septet showcase his unsurpassed skill and tasteful keyboard playing, including jazz numbers, romantic melodies, a unique new song called “The Afghan Soldiers Dream“ and another inspired original, “Death of a Queen,” which is based on the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.


All the music on Donald’s CD’s are sung & played with passion and class, never melodrama, and convey the artist’s clear, vivid imagination through timely and intuitive chord progressions. His original pieces show a broad classical and contemporary understanding of music, and quickly convey his own character as a sympathetic, and true lover of the finest musical art.


Donald, was born in Scotland where he spent the first 21 years of his life before relocating to Canada. His musical journey began with the violin at age five, but grew to include Keyboards, singing and guitar.


Before long, he was ready for the stage. Pubs in Scotland formed a proper beginning, followed by a season playing in Malta and later by club gigs in British Columbia, Canada. He rounded this global tour out by playing for cabaret on cruise liners: standards, folk, original compositions and arrangements of his personal favourites.  Donald, says, “When I do a musical arrangement of a piece of music, I am influenced by a combination of both pop and classical music styles.”


This is perhaps best exemplified by his inclusion of country and blues on his CD “What Can I Do.”

He is now mainly doing Studio work and says, “Now that I have the time to concentrate solely on my new music compositions, with my fantastic top-of-the-range keyboard, I am enjoying my music even more than when I was  performing full-time, as I am able to reflect on the music and the emotions it brings.”

Some of his musical performances can be seen on YouTube as he has many videos on there.


His Cd’s “Looking Back“, “Great Love Songs“ and “Almost Classical“ can all be purchased on line via his website:- and The LP “What Can I Do” is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download and is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( who supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels.


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