A documentary about the controversial decision deaf parents face, when deciding to give their children the gift of hearing.   May 18th, 2014 – Chicago, IL – New Slate Films announces they will wrap production on Lounder Than Words at the end of summer 2014 for a 2015 release date. Directed by Saj Adibs, Produced by Brittany Pawlowski, and Edited by David Flores, the feature length documentary chronicles the lives of the Stark family over a 4 year period, in which deaf parents, Jill and Michael Stark, decide to have their two young children, Jeffrey and Melissa, provided with cochlear implants so that they may hear. Originally slated to be a one year follow doc, Louder Than Words continued growing over time when director/cinematographer, Saj Adibs, saw the great conviction and determination of two loving parents who wanted nothing more than for their children to have better lives: "This is a story that any parent can relate to.  It's not about deaf or hearing, or Cochlear implants.  It's about parents doing whatever they can to provide the best possible future for their children." - Saj Adibs Jill Stark also decides to be implanted with the device in the hopes that she may one day be able to hear her children speak, a procedure with far less success rate the older you are. Cochlear implants are sometimes seen as a taboo in the deaf community, because in many ways it goes against ‘deaf culture’, and the idea that deafness is not something that needs to be ‘fixed’. A number of deaf specialists in the medical community, along with many more in the deaf community, come together to help Louder Than Words share this family’s account through a series of events that show the complexities, the joy, and the prejudice they encounter on their journey. “Their [The Starks] choice to implant their children with cochlear implants has not separated them from the close community of the deaf; it has only allowed them additional access to the world of speech and sound.” – Dr. Dana Suskind, Otolaryngologist at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital. “Our admiration for the Starks grew the more we filmed. In a world in which there is often a schism between those who can hear vs. those who can­not, the Starks have found a way to live in both worlds.” – Saj Adibs Director and cinematographer Saj Adibs, is available for additional inquiries or interview at the number listed above. New Slate Films is a full service production company based out of Chicago, IL. Offices are located at 700 N. Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60642. For more information, please visit  

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