Candor - Genuine bias-free Idea Generation for the Digital Age

Candor was designed to allow you to quickly collect and organize the independent ideas generated by your brainstorming team.
June 23 2014 - Brainstorming is one of the best ways of collaborating with a team and unleashing creativity, spotting flaws and driving through improvements. At least it would be if you had a perfectly balanced team. When you have some powerful or charismatic personalities in a group then idea bias creeps in and people will defer to these people subconsciously or publicly, regardless of the quality of their ideas.
Groupthink and other elements of unconscious bias can sabotage even the most mindful brainstorming session meaning many great ideas don’t make it to the table for discussion at all. This has been the way for decades, but a new app can cut through the bias and unleash the unfulfilled potential of unheard ideas.
Enter Candor - the iTunes and cloud-based app that is revolutionizing how people brainstorm. Most simply, Candor allows you to quickly collect and organize the independent ideas generated by your team, before discussing them in a group.
Available to download now from the iTunes store for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Candor is the key to unlocking true, unbiased creativity.
Candor takes the received wisdom behind brainstorming and flips it on its head. For over fifty years, managers have been told that group synergy is the best way to work on problems, that individuals working together produce more ideas than working by themselves. Candor challenges this assumption based on research and evidence that groups who brainstorm produce fewer and less diverse ideas than people who work alone and later pool their ideas.
Humans are social animals and this is why brainstorming fails. People are likely to spend more time thinking about group dynamics than generating new ideas. Psychology identifies this negative function as groupthink. One of the best ways of overcoming this is through private data collection which Candor facilitates to make bias-free brainstorming easy.
Candor operates through four stages:
Send the questions or problems to members of the brainstorming team
Let them submit their ideas to the session organizer
Meet as a group and have the session organizer reveal all the ideas the team has generated independently
Organize the ideas by theme and debate the merits of each one.
Candor let’s people create unlimited brainstorms with simple share codes for inviting others to submit ideas. Submissions can be made anonymous or open to others to view and members can also be notified when new ideas have been submitted.
The research of Professor Loran Nordgren of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University underpins Candor and his ideas captivated the programming team at Eight Bit Studios.
Co-Founder and Design Principal Steve Polacek said: “My beliefs toward brainstorms started shifting the day Loran Nordgren came in to discuss his vision for better idea generation. Loran started telling us about Groupthink and Idea Bias. I knew he was right and the years of missed opportunities formed a pit in my stomach. This is a big problem, which is why we were so excited to work with Loran to bring his ideas to life.”
Candor will change the way you think about brainstorms and creative collaboration so why not try it today and let the best ideas flourish and fly!
Notes to Editors
Candor was created by Loran Nordgren and produced by Eight Bit Studios.
For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit
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