Brush up on your Bible Learning on the iPhone with the ZOE Bible Skills Game!

ZOE is a bible game that will teach you the truth about God's word. Christians who want to walk in victory need to play the ZOE NT and ZOE OT APP!
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May 5 2014 – Learning The Bible can not only be fun but can be a challenging and fun game too – thanks to the ZOE Bible Skills Game!
This amazing new app is available for free download now from the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone, The ZOE Bible Skills Game encourages biblical learning as well as improving memory, meditation and logical thought.
The inspiration for the app came from mixing elements from the popular board game Scrabble, a love of numbers and an idea to learn the bible. Players pick any book from the Old or New Testament and selects from the seven numbers on their rack. The numbers will form verses from that book and players are quizzed on their knowledge of the verse. For example, if the round of the game is John and they play 3:16 then they will need to pick the correct choice from three scriptures. If they are right, they win the points, if not, they lose them! It’s that simple.
The points system is simple too – each number is worth that many points so John 3:16 is worth 19 points overall (3+16). There are also bonus squares which can add points to moves. Players can play many verses at one time in many combinations, and the more verses players learn and get right, the more points they will collect. Players get a bonus of 100 points if they play all seven numbers on their rack and play all verses correctly and the game is concluded when a player uses their allotted 40 tiles first.
The ZOE Bible Skills Game is looking to build a community of bible lovers and learners from all over the world. Fellow players can connect through a search for friends function, they can find new friends and opponents from the random player search function and there is a chat function to converse with their newly discovered opponents. The ZOE Bible Skills Game is also fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter so players can show off to their friends how good their bible knowledge is and encourage them to play too!
The ZOE Bible Skills Game comes in a New Testament edition (NT) or Old Testament edition (OT) and users can upgrade to the ad-free paid version as well as using different translations of the King James Version too!
Notes to Editors
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