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John has been playing for approximately 6 yrs, however it was during the past year that he began to provide his music as his expression for the rest of us to enjoy. All John's music is recorded in his small low budget basement studio, with fine results. He has also completed his first music video with Brandon Hughes, also age 15, with no budget, only hard work and vision. John is now working on his next video, and 2 more in the plans by the spring time of 2010. John will also provide a free ringtone download of one of his songs if you email him a request.

With hard work come results.., and it seems that John is making the commitment to invest the time and effort into something now, to produce the results that may lead to something far bigger then he could ever imagine. Google "Along Came May" to see his video and read more about him.

You can hear his music here:

See his video on YouTube:

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