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Wayne Groom

0403 77 1435

Australian International Pictures

Announces $½ million cinema release documentary


Adelaide’s Australian International Pictures is thrilled to announce a new documentary “Paris or the Bush” about the famous Cods rowing eight from Murray Bridge, who dominated Australian rowing in the 1920's, winning three Kings Cups and earning the right to represent Australia at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

"It is a uniquely South Asutralian story, but one that has national and international relevance. It covers a facinating period of Asutralian and world history, encompassing a Great War and spectacular sporting achievements.


The $500,000 documentary, will be filmed in Murray Bridge, Port Adelaide, Adelaide and all other Australian capital cities, as well as London, Paris, Dublin and USA.


Producer Wayne Groom and researcher Dr Carolyn Bilsborow have spent 18 months researching newspaper and photographic archives and interviewing descendants to piece together this remarkable story.

Wayne and Carolyn will be interviewed this Friday at 9.30 am (8/8/14) on ABC radio's morning program hosted by Ian Henschke.

Mayor of Port Adelaide Enfield, Gary Johanson, after viewing the 90 second promotional trailer for the Cods Documentary, believes it has the capacity to become Australia's "Chariots of Fire"

Producer Wayne Groom says it is Australia's greatest sporting story.
The Cods documentary is an extraoardinary tale of courage, humility, skill, ageism, class prejudice,war,sprot and mate-ship, not only in Australia but on the world stage of the Olympic Games agains the backdrop of the Great War.

The filmmakers are currently looking for further sponsorship to complete the remaining finance for the production, which will commence in October 2014.

Australian International Pictures

4/305 North Terrace Adelaide

SA 5000

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