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Alive Games launches a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund its TPS/RPG/MMO hybrid combining a huge dynamically changing world to explore, evolving and unpredictable enemies, open-world sandbox reflecting decisions players make and a fascinating story to drive the plot forward.

Named after the Portuguese place for Samba school parades during Carnaval, Sambadrome is the project of multi-instrumentalist Carlos “Samba Man” Hernandez, a musician with roots in the Sacramento music industry. The music is best described as a blend between disco, electronic, Brazilian samba, and Brazilian bossa nova, giving it a fun, catchy, and energetic vibe.
No matter our age, we all struggle when faced with fears and Author Alicia Lloyd has written a picture book for children of all ages, and accompanied by soft and atmospheric illustrations portraying thrills and chills that capture the imagination of children in the dark hours of night.
On the Water, a dark folk project from Philadelphia, will soon release their fifth album, Cordelia. Fletcher Van Vliet, songwriter and founding member, describes the album as a dark love poem about self-discovery, realizing the things you love, close friends and adventure, limitations and failures, and bouts with depression. Some of the songs are directly about the loss of his father, who unexpectedly passed away in 2012 of cancer. Vinyl and digital releases of Cordelia will be available on May 9, 2015, and can now be pre-ordered from Bandcamp. offers the best selection of free online games that are handpicked for the modern gamers to have an exciting and pleasurable gaming experience, without paying a single penny.
Martin Beckley is an artist, author and entrepreneur, who is going to create a new website for art lovers to purchase his Original Urban Art online.
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Paranormal thriller The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, written by C. Evenfall, has been entered by publisher Books, Authors and Artists (BAA) into three different awards during 2015.
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C. Evenfall, the author of paranormal series The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, has announced that she would promote the release of the paperback anthology by touring the virtual world.
Book publisher Books, Authors and Artists (BAA) has entered Karl F. Hollenbach’s Holy Ground for several upcoming awards.