Create personalized Christmas videos with Elf Yourself, the funniest app available. Users select faces from existing pictures, faces of yourself, family or friends are then loaded into a funny dance video, giving serious laughter!

Videos only take a few minutes to make, its simple and free.


The website or phone app lets you select from existing photos of people on your phone, or let take a new one with your camera. In addition you can also easily select faces from social network profiles like Facebook.

The Elf Yourself tool lets you easily crop faces, you can then select from many different dance scenes. Once your festive Elf movie is generated, you can enjoy a funky fast dance fuelled hilarious videos.

Elf Yourself then lets you

Exhibition of Contemporary American Fine Art VAM Art Inc., a Modern & Contemporary Art promotion group active in the field of global Fine Art is organizing an Exhibition of Contemporary Art that showcases several acclaimed American Artists at its Gallery in Metuchen, NJ, USAin December, 2014. The show, titled CONFLUENCE 2014, includes the artworks of established and emergingAmerican artists whodisplay variegated savoir-faire and styles of expressions. CONFLUENCE 2014 is the 8th exhibition by VAM Art Inc. in both the United States and India overthe past seven years and which in this show exclusively presents artworks by several outstanding US basedartists. All CONFLUENCE 2014 artists have their own records of awards andhonors

‘Tis the season! Save the date for a great KWAV Holiday Party at Cibo Restaurant on Wednesday, December 17th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

The Mandell Gisnet Center (MGC) has announced that it recently received a grant from the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM)

With the release of his new single underway, Jimmie Moore a.k.a. J Metro, has done another feat by hitting the billboard charts again at number 21 for the Hot Single Sales chart.

Inspirational, Romance and Young-Adult novel writer, Bindu Adai, is happy to announce that her debut novel, The Chrysalis, is now also available in print version.

Slovenian-American Hopes to Boost Music Career
GMF Music is proud to announce the Ai1, an innovative DI with preamp.
Carmine Miranda was awarded “Gold Medal” from the Global Music Awards for his Piatti: 12 Caprices For Solo Cello newest recording released by the American classical music label Navona Records.
The Pinpoint Show & Moore Media present the CHIC "Red & Gold" Pinpoint Show 3rd Annual Holiday Party on December 11th at Cibo Restaurant.

Don't miss this timeless holiday classic! Enjoy two outstanding performances of everyone's favorite, The Nutcracker.

WijiTap is a simple but fast moving game that tests your ability to find sequential numbers in a limited amount of time. Find out how fast and how far you can go. There’s no end to the game, it is limited only by your ability. Challenge friends to beat your score or work to get to the top of the leader board for recognition among your friends. Exercise your brain by taxing your memory. It may sound easy, but finding the right number among 50 others can be quite a challenge!
Releases third book called, “Relax”.
INDIE ACT AUTOMATIK EDEN GARNER RAVE REVIEWS FOR BOTH EP AND VIDEO WITH THEIR NEW RELEASE “GOLD TO STRAW” Produced by Sean Beavan (NIN, Gwen Stefani), Automatik Eden Follow-up Their Self-titled CD with a Strong New Video and Five Song EP  
This guide to make wow gold has not make full use of the gold’s potential. Some players do take some advantage., the market leader in product customization has launched their fantastic new website.
In association with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

Talented 16-year-old singer/songwriter Heather Faulkner is the focus of the current episode of the popular multi-platform series, “Waking Up In America.” 

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